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A root-cause, evidence-based medicine, approach to holistic health.

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We strive to improve the health and quality of life in Indonesia.

93 million people in Indonesia are inflicted with at least one chronic illness due to lifestyle and behavioral causes. Instead of treating the symptoms and overprescribing medication, Roothe addresses the root causes for better enduring patient outcomes.


We believe in treating chronic illnesses with our clinically-validated holistic approach, based on 4 healthcare pillars: predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory.


Home-Based Biopsychosocial Approach to Long Lasting Health

We aim to reduce the burden of chronic illness, starting from the most important unit of a community: families.

We hope to create a healthier Indonesia through creating Health Advocates within each family unit. 

We believe we will achieve that through our values,

Compassionate Science
Expertise and Excellence
Sustainable Health
Continuous Innovation

Online Medical Consultant

How and Why Roothe Works

Roothe Gets Personal

We want to get to know you up and personal.

We are committed to understand our users as a person: your thoughts and emotion, your rationale behind a health-related decision, your motivations, your goals, your previous health history, and your current treatment.

Roothe Helps Identify

We help pin point the possible causes of your symptoms. 

Social determinants play a significant role that can make or break your target treatment. Although very vital, these factors are usually out of picture during patients' healthcare visitation due to time constraint, etc. We help you discover these factors and find practical simple solutions for you to easily integrate into your daily schedule.

Extended Family
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